Spacee is...

An immersive network of next generation interactive digital signage with a focus on computer vision and cloud connectivity.

Spacee is a company that delivers a unique type of digital experience by bringing a bit of the digital world into the physical world.

Spacee is currently in private beta.

Our Company

Founded on July 4, 2013, Spacee exists to help American business' win. Our corporate goal is to be a catalyst for job creation. We plan on executing our goals through delivering a measurable sales lift and a quantified increase in ROI and by reducing operational costs for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Spacee offers patent-pending technology that will turn any surface into an interactive surface and on the same device, uses computer vision to 'see' the user. Content is controlled through the cloud. Our very inexpensive system allows our clients to do more. Touch-screens can't see you. Spacee Screens can.

Spacee is currently in private beta. To contact us, please click the Contact Us link. Some of the uses we are testing today are:

  • Adaptive Advertising
  • Digital Window Shopping Applications
  • Facial Recognition
  • Remote Selling
  • Building Security
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Interactive Conference Displays
  • Sales Call Presentation Systems

The Spacee team consists of highly experienced industry and technology leaders. We posses a unique combination of strong technical know how and the talent to translate customer vision into a reality.

Skip Howard
CEO - Spacee, LLC

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