Be a hologram for speeches, for customers, or for fun!

Interactive Holographic Telepresence Spacee Maholo

Holographic Telepresence is a fun way to experience telepresence. Corporations share CEO speeches with multiple venues at the same time in the form of a life size hologram.. Event venues use it to allow two or more attendees to dance with each other in real time. In each case, the experience is like no other and the users can be separated by hundreds of feet or thousands of miles.

The Value

AI based avatars give the customer a separate experience. Retailers use holographic telepresence to capture the imaginations of customers as they communicate in real time to real people or AI based avatars


  • Grab attention
  • Create a futuristic experience
  • Real time Chat with people thousands of miles away
  • Use Avatars and voice recognition together to create interactive characters that talk to customers
  • Incorporate this technology into your existing products or infrastructure