Walmart Baby End Cap Installation

Endless Aisle Spacee Visual Retail Solutions

Is it possible to utilize a limited space and show all production variations available without requiring the customer to use his or her mobile device? Yes you can! Spacee leads this category by providing technology to give the customer control of an experience and see all possible product variations. This can be done in 2D or 3D space. Spacee can use real world existing items as the information conduit or a 2D interactive surface that mimics a giant touchscreen that is virtually unbreakable.

The Value

The "endless aisle" can take many forms including holographic 3D, real world items or flat 2D surfaces. For all configurations, business save on the costs associated with inventory displays, shrinkage, product mounting hardware, and labor costs to setup and modify displays. Detaching the digital content from the physical space enables content providers to deploy new versions of items for similar form factor devices with limited physical world changes. Businesses are in full control of layout and content from a central location similar to digital signage.


  • Use it as a Digital signage with or without a sign
  • Increasing Dwell Time
  • Use it to Cross-Sell or Up-Sell
  • Showcase all possible product variations in a limited area
  • Digital self-education by customers
  • Drastically reduce employee product training requirements
  • Central CMS controlled by corporate managers
  • Does not require an ‘always-on’ internet connection
  • Content can be created by any professional.