Simulated Reality

Simulated Reality Spacee Visual Retail Solutions

Simulated device interface replaces the actual device with a 3D printed or injection-molded plastic replica having the same shape and size. Using our interactive projection and virtual touch technology, an image of the original object is projected onto the plastic device, creating a realistic and interactive experience that looks and behaves like the real product, but is enhanced by a scripted experience that can do more than a real product. In this example, the technology is used on products like a thermostat, smoke alarm, computer display or cell phone screen. These techniques create infinite options for a business to implement a true “endless aisle” experience.

The Value

Eliminate theft while showcasing “endless aisle” shopping experience in simulated reality. Business save on the costs associated with inventory displays, shrinkage, product mounting hardware, and labor costs to setup and modify displays. Detaching the digital content from the physical space enables content providers to deploy new versions of items for similar form factor devices without any physical world changes. Businesses are in full control of layout and content from a central location similar to digital signage.


  • Use it as Endless Aisle marketing
  • Increasing Dwell Time
  • Use it to Cross-Sell or Up-Sell
  • Measure browsing vs. purchasing
  • Remove display theft
  • Up to a 92% reduction in labor costs for setup
  • Drastically reduce employee product training requirements
  • Central CMS controlled by corporate managers
  • Does not require an ‘always-on’ internet connection
  • Any Digital Agency can easily create and control content
  • More cost-effective than a smart-phone app