Glass storefronts, windows or glass surfaces become interactive

Touch Glass Spacee Visual Retail Solutions

Spacee’s “FrictionFree TouchGlass” technology turns any size glass surface into an interactive touch screen creating a world of possibilities to engage your customers … all through the power of light. The Spacee interactive display experiences grab and hold attention longer, giving anyone the opportunity to touch brands in fun and delightful ways. Brands in return get a larger window to tell their stories and make memories in the minds of customers.

The Value

Any glass surface becomes an interactive canvas. Engagement with digital offerings like FrictionFree TouchGlass have been shown to increase sales by up to 33% while increasing brand awareness 7x. (Burke, 2009) Non interactive storefront experiences lead to a 17% increase in foot traffic (2016). Businesses are in full control of layout and content from a centralized content management system similar to traditional digital signage solutions.


  • Use it as a Digital signage on any glass surface
  • Grab walk by traffic for storefronts
  • Increase Dwell-time
  • Cannot break through heavy use
  • Digital self-education by customers
  • Central CMS controlled by corporate managers
  • Does not require an ‘always-on’ internet connection
  • Content can be created by any professional.