Ultra Large Touch Walls

Touch Wall Spacee Visual Retail Solutions

Turn any wall into a larger than life touch-Wall. Spacee creates larger than life touchscreens that are computer vision based. Setup is quick and any wall instantly becomes a giant interactive display. A computer vision based interactive surface is inexpensive compared to a compacitive touch screen. The best part? A FrictionFree TouchWall cannot break like a tablet or touch enabled TV.

The Value

Because cameras are used to interpret touch in place of an ‘IR frame’ or ‘haptic touch’ feedback screen, the size of the touch screen can be increased dramatically with little or no additional cost. TouchWall size is limited only by the amount of light that can be projected on a surface. This means that the display can most likely grow as large as you would like. Customers love controlling the large screens and are able to share content in a communal way with crowds. Think Digital Signage without the sign because any wall can become a canvas. Businesses are in full control of layout and content from a centralized content management system similar to traditional digital signage solutions.


  • Use it as a Digital signage but anywhere
  • Grab walk by traffic for storefronts
  • Cannot break through heavy use
  • Digital self-education by customers
  • Customer ordering from a wall
  • Central CMS controlled by corporate managers
  • Does not require an ‘always-on’ internet connection
  • Content can be created by any professional.