The world’s first TouchCar® created by Spacee

Interactive Vehicle Spacee TouchCar Experiences

TouchCar® technology turns any vehicle into an interactive, 3D touch screen using the power of light. No phones, helmets, eyeglasses, or tablets are needed. And nothing is installed on the vehicle itself. It's an intuitive, frictionless system that delivers a one-of-a-kind user experience, blending digital media and the physical world to achieve increased sales and unique branding awareness.

The Value

The TouchCar® has been measured and proven to increase sales. Dealerships are able to use the TouchCar® as a training tool or a sales tool by providing employees with interactive walk-around features that need to be communicated to buyers. While showcasing information regarding vehicle upgrades, dealership services, fuel calculators, performance charts, and other interactive features, sales staff can upsell buyers by simply touching a vehicle through the digital interface. This interactive experience can increase profit per unit and contribute to a larger vehicle sales volume. As a training tool, the TouchCar® can be used to communicate features for a specific model and can test / measure sales staff knowledge.


  • Results into direct sales conversions
  • Merge Media and products
  • Digital self-education by customers
  • Use as employee training tool
  • Central CMS controlled by corporate managers
  • Does not require an ‘always-on’ internet connection
  • Any Digital Agency can easily create and control content.