"Fire bullets before cannonballs" -- Jim Collins, Author of "Built to Last"

Spacee creates amazing spatial experiences. The goal is to turn everything, including walls, floors, objects and even the space in-between into interactive digital spaces that augment physical reality.

1 Scope

Every project begins with a solid understanding of the problems in need of a solution. Each scope includes a laser focus on User Experience.

2 Build Content

Spacee builds amazing content that blends perfectly with the user experience plan. Have your own agency? No problem! The Spacee dMR Framework is highly flexible and allows any creative agency to build and remotely deploy content. Anything that works on a browser, works in the Spacee dMR framework.


A Proof of Concept is built and delivered. Every stakeholder can review suggested changes and approve any aspect of the experience. It’s a highly iterative process.

4 Pilot

Once a final POC is approved, it’s time for the experience to enter the real world via pilot testing. Businesses identify a select location to expose real customers to the experience. We learn from actual engagement of users and iterate as necessary.

5 Scale

The hypothesis and ROI can be calculated thanks to the pilot testing. It’s time to go big and be a game changer. The experience is scaled to multiple locations.